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Feedworks Agronomy is
Changing the Agriculture Industry

We take pride in our ability to introduce new technologies, see their development through research, market investigation, commercialisation and finally a valuable profitable outcome for our customers.


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FW Agronomy

FW Agronomy is a partnership that markets products, services and technology to enhance the profitability in horticulture, cropping and all plant product systems.
FW Agronomy is part of Feedworks Pty Ltd.
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About Our



Armament FW is the brand of natural glycinebetaine (GB), formulated by FW Agronomy. When used in agricultural & horticultural applications on a range of crops.
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Farm QA

Farm QA is a precision agriculture intelligence platform that connects data from the best soil, plant, machine, animal and processing applications into a single, easy to use dashboard.
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