Farm software for Horticulture

Matt Lane

As a society, every day we are surrounded by technology. At times we know it is there, other times we don’t. As we have become reliant on it and expect it to be always available, when we do not have it, we find it a major inconvenience.

Just as we embrace digital technology in our daily lives, it also offers a real and expanding opportunity for horticultural producers and industry.

Implementing Farm ‘management’ software, presents the opportunity to gather large amounts of data, quickly and effortlessly. From there it can be immediately used, stored safely and accessible for long periods of time.

Dashboards and mobile applications offer the grower different ways to view and collect data specific to the requirements of the business. From monitoring insect or disease pressure on crops, soil nitrate levels, or yield estimation and accurate harvest timings, the information is available to you anywhere, anytime.

Integration with IoT technology such as weather stations, soil moisture probes, and in field nitrate testing provides better and more accurate results, enabling decision making tools that ultimately, improve the efficiency of your operation.

Now we acknowledge it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the technology offerings these days. As ag professionals, FW Agronomy know that you need software that is uncomplicated, unifies your workflow, and is truly a management system for your entire operation.

FW Agronomy provides digital tools and solutions for all levels of horticultural production. Growers, Agronomists, Cooperatives, Produce Marketers and Agribusiness.

We understand the challenges of running a profitable business, just like our customers must do each day. As far as Farm Software for Horticulture there are many options out there but the one, we’ve found to be the best, and therefore support, is Farm QA from the USA. The reasons why we believe it’s the best are:

· Farm QA is a precision agriculture intelligence platform – this allows more data and more granularity as you look at managing a farm. The platform facilitates that by

gathering data at a very granular level, so you can be more precise in your farming without impacting on your time or resources.

· The developers of Farm QA have achieved in making things not only extremely flexible, but also easy to use. That is something that is hard to do and do well. Whether it is a tree crop, row crop or short rotation crops, the farm QA platform can help increase yields, increase quality, and benefit users to do more with less.

· Lastly Farm QA is economical allowing value for money no matter what user level and access you require.

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