Farm QA

Farm QA

Farm QA is a precision agriculture intelligence platform that connects data from the best soil, plant, machine, animal and processing applications into a single, easy to use dashboard. The solutions help growers measure, analyse, adjust and ultimately manage the whole farm with greater predictability and control.


Farm QA (Farm Management Platform)

Farm QA Controller is a precision agriculture intelligence cloud-based platform that collects and displays information from a variety of data sources using an innovative map-based dashboard. You can see all aspects of your operation in a single view, including paddocks, weather, soil, crop scouting reports, recommendations and task management journals. With Farm QA Controller you can analyse, adjust and manage your farm more effectively.
  • By turning on the “scouting software” you can name the farm, paddock, co-ordinates and build a history of farm operations. Your unique IP login will be created, and password protected.
  • Integration with in-field weather stations and other farm software.
  • The use of Aqua Spy moisture probes
  • GPS mapping of farms.
  • Soil compaction tests and GPS locations.
  • Yield monitors.


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